Sewage Systems in Chichester
| The Main Reasons for Needing Septic Tank Repairs

Is something suspicious bubbling away in the garden? Can’t you flush the toilet or walk past your septic tank installation without having to hold your nose? Like traditional plumbing and drainage, sewage systems run into problems. Because your tank sits beneath the ground, it’s easy to forget it’s there until such time as a problem arises. By then, it can sometimes be too late to address that problem quite as easily.

Scheduled maintenance and septic tank emptying is the best way for property owners in Chichester to avoid septic tank repairs, but what happens if it’s too late for that and the worst has already happened? Call P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd, and we’ll provide a responsive service that gets straight to the heart of the problem.

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This blog post looks at the most common causes of failure in sewage systems, and particularly with septic tanks.

Tree Roots

Roots from nearby shrubs and trees can penetrate the pipework leading from your property, the tank walls and, in some cases, the soakaway. Groundwater seeps into the tank and wastewater seeps into the surrounding land. This will eventually stop sewage and drainage systems from working properly.

Worse still, it leaves your land in an unsanitary condition.

Ground Movement

Movement above the ground causes tanks to shift and this increases pressure on the walls. Eventually, cracks and fractures occur. It is unlikely that septic tank repairs will resolve this type of damage. Sewage systems will back up and won’t be able to process waste as efficiently.

Eventually, you’ll need a new septic tank installation.

Collapsed Baffles

The baffle is a barrier that stops solid waste escaping into the soakaway. If the baffle incurs damage, it removes this barrier and contaminates the soakaway at your property. Instead of an effluent, sewage systems discharge dirty wastewater which percolates into the land.

This can make conditions uninhabitable for property owners.

Damaged Dip Pipes

Damage to the dip pipe, often caused when emptying sewage and drainage systems, is one of the most common reasons for needing septic tank repairs. As with the baffle, damage to the dip pipe breaks the barrier between different sections of the installation and causes solid and wet waste to mix freely.

This contaminates the effluent and the surrounding land.  


Sewage systems need regular emptying, cleaning and maintenance. Without any of these three elements, our customers in Chichester run the risk of damage and, in some cases, the extent of that damage will worsen over time. The customer won’t see this until the soakaway contaminates.Septic tank repairs won’t be possible if major damage occurs.

P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd is available for a wide range of wet waste management services including septic tank emptying and maintenance. We comply with the General Binding Rules and the Environmental Permitting Regulations set out in 2014.

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