Septic Tank and Cesspit Emptying in Chichester |
How Your Treatment System Works

If you own a cesspit, a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant, you’ll already be familiar with their presence. The chances are that you also book scheduled visits for cesspit emptying or for septic tank emptying. You could even have a contract for sewage treatment plant maintenance. Some people use their original cesspit or septic tank installers to do this. If you own a Chichester home with a sewer connection, you might even have had CCTV drain surveys in the past.

What you won’t know is how these liquid waste collection systems, or how CCTV camera equipment, works.

P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd has operating centres in Surrey and Sussex. We cover Chichester with cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying services. We use Whale jet vacuumation tankers for this type of work, and we have 12 of them on our fleet. For CCTV drain surveys, we use equipment from Scanprobe.

Our company has skilled technicians, and cesspit and septic tank installers, with more than a century of combined experience. This means we can also fulfil your sewage treatment plant maintenance and servicing needs.

Here, we teach you a little more about how all of these systems, and our equipment, actually operate.


These sealed underground tanks have no treatment facilities, and this makes them the most basic of liquid waste collection systems. Cesspits have a set capacity and most homeowners in Chichester have a tank installed to cope with their property size, the number of people inside that property, and the expected amount of liquid waste produced. Homes with higher usage expectations tend to have bigger tanks installed.

When the tank fills, homeowners use a cesspit emptying service, much like our own, to have waste removed. This usually takes place at intervals of around 6 weeks.

Septic Tanks

Septic tanks do treat liquid waste, but they still use a very basic system. Septic tanks have two or more chambers. The first collects waste and holds it for a day or two so solids settle, and then disperses the wastewater into a second chamber. Here, suspended solids settle. The treated wastewater then disperses into a soakaway on your Chichester property.

Typically, you will only need to book in for septic tank emptying annually; much less often that with cesspit emptying. Because we also trade as septic tank installers, P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd can also supply and fit suitable systems.

Sewage Treatment Plants

A sewage treatment plant has an internal mechanism which breaks down solid waste in the primary tank. Wastewater then transfers to the biozone chamber. The system cultivates its own microorganisms to create a cleaner effluent that is better for the environment. This means that, instead of needing a soakaway, systems can disperse directly into the watercourse.

Home and business owners in the Chichester area will need to book in for sewage treatment plant maintenance annually.

CCTV Drain Surveys

The equipment we use to perform CCTV drain surveys and surveillance comes from Scanprobe Technologies. A technician places a remote-controlled camera into the drainage pipework via an access point, like a manhole cover or a borehole. The camera moves through the pipework and sends digital images to a monitor, operated by the technician at above-ground level.

This equipment shows a technician if there are any instances of damage, intrusion or collapse. CCTV drain surveys can also show the technician if there is an abnormal blockage in the drainage system of your Chichester property.

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