Cesspit, Sewage Treatment Plant and Septic Tank Installers in Dorking
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Well, not in Dorking exactly, but just a short 30-minute drive from our main operating centre in Dunsfold, Surrey. The P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd name has always had strong links to sewage systems, septic tank repairs, cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying. This is fine, and we are proud to be one of Southern England’s favourite choices for liquid waste management services. What many of our customers don’t know is that we trade as cesspit and septic tank installers too.

We also install sewage treatment plants from Clenviro, and we cover the local areas as a sewage treatment plant maintenance specialist. For those with a mains sewer connection, we also perform CCTV drains surveys and surveillance. Our technicians can clear blocked drains using high-pressure jet washing techniques.

We also invite you to read our dedicated Dorking blog post and contact us for further information about our services. 

In the event of damage, intrusion or collapse, P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd can perform remedial drain repairs.

As you can see, we have a wide range of services available. There is more to what we do than just emptying cesspits and septic tanks, or providing our customers with sewage treatment plant maintenance and septic tank repairs. We offer a complete service range and, as cesspit and septic tank installers too, we like to think we have every conceivable angle covered.

The fact we can also perform CCTV drain surveys provides added value for domestic customers and commercial clients alike.

Cesspit Emptying and Septic Tank Emptying

We use Whale Tankers to deliver cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying services. These tankers utilise innovative jet vacuumation technology to clear tanks, gullies, interceptors and grease traps of waste. We can even use our fleet to empty ponds and lakes, but it is tank emptying that is very much the cornerstone of our business. We have technicians available to help you keep your home or business in a clean, sanitary condition.

We recommend that you book in for cesspit emptying at approximate intervals of 6 weeks, and for septic tank emptying annually (based on property size, tank size, the number of users and the volume of wastewater produced).

Our company also offers sewage treatment plant maintenance services, again at recommended 12-month intervals.

Cesspit and Septic Tank Installers

If you live in a rural area just outside of Dorking, or if you own a property inside the town that doesn’t have a mains sewer connection, P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd is here to assist you with your installation needs. We cover the South as cesspit and septic tank installers, delivering a start-to-finish service that covers everything from the excavation and groundwork stages, all the way through to fitting your tank and commissioning it – always with the minimum of disruption.

We also supply and fit sewage treatment plants as an approved installer for the Clenviro Matrix system. We can perform preliminary inspections for suitability, using CCTV drain survey equipment, should you need us to.

Our cesspit and septic tank installers can work with all branded systems and, should you require us to come back to provide you with periodic cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying services, we’ll happily organise a maintenance schedule for your sewage systems. Don’t forget that P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd can also provide you with a full sewage treatment plant maintenance service if required.

CCTV Drain Surveys

Like any reputable liquid waste management company, we care for what most homeowners and businesses consider to be traditional drainage systems. We firmly believe that prevention is better, and less costly, than cure. Blockages and root intrusions, and wall damage which could lead to a collapse, all need careful surveillance and monitoring.

We perform CCTV drain surveys using the latest equipment from Scanprobe Technologies. This equipment relays live digital images from the drainage system, direct to an above-ground monitor, to highlight potential issues.

Should we find a fault with your drainage system, we can quote you for remedial repairs sooner and save you money on a more expensive excavation and replacement project in the future.

We specialise in the following services for clients in Dorking:

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