Tank and Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance in Eastbourne |
Prolonging the Lifespans of Off-Mains Sewer Systems

For homes in Eastbourne with off-mains sewage systems, it is cesspits, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants which deal with wastewater. Periodic cesspit emptying, septic tank emptying and sewage treatment plant maintenance play a crucial role in the performance of these installations. Without regular care, you could find yourself footing the bill for CCTV drain surveys, cesspit or septic tank repairs, or even a replacement from our STP, cesspit and septic tank installers at P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd.

If this is the case, please contact us immediately.

If your installation or plant were to break down, especially in a coastal location like Eastbourne, it could release contaminants into local waterways and even the sea. This could have a devastating impact on the local ecosystem.

Off-mains sewage systems divert human waste, toilet paper, water used for laundry and even food scraps away from homes and nearby properties. While each uses a different process, cesspits, septic tanks and STPs help in the management of wastewater. Cesspits are little more than holding tanks. When full, owners need to book in for cesspit emptying. Septic tank emptying is also a periodical requirement, but less often than with cesspits because tanks have a basic treatment process.

Sewage treatment plant maintenance can be less frequent for many homeowners because installations have a more advanced treatment process which produces effluent. Much of this effluent is clean enough to disperse into a nearby ditch, canal, river or soakaway.

Any shortfall in maintenance could result in:

At this stage, it might be too late to consider cesspit or septic tank repairs, or STP maintenance, and you could have a worrying job on your hands. If you have any concerns about your system, call our cesspit and septic tank installers today.

P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd can offer visual inspections of your current installation or, if you prefer, we can undertake CCTV drain surveys.

Caring for Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants

Cesspits, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, with the right levels of care, keep properties in a good sanitary condition. With frequent cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying, or with scheduled sewage treatment plant maintenance, installations can last for several decades. When misused, lifespans decrease. Owners then pay more for long-term cesspit and septic tank repairs.

To ensure off-mains sewage systems maintain their integrity, think about usage as well as maintenance. Cesspits, septic tanks and STPs can cope well with human waste, toilet paper and domestic wastewater, but kitchen towels, coffee grounds, greases, fats, oils and sanitary products should go into a household receptacle for traditional disposal.

Should you experience a blockage, we can perform investigative CCTV drain surveys which identify the cause.

And, if you need to use us in our capacity as cesspit and septic tank installers, we want to hear from you. P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd is here to help. We offer a broad range of services across Eastbourne in an ethical manner where one eye is always kept on the environment. We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you with your enquiry.

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