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Because we’ve built our reputation over close to 40 years as a cesspit and septic tank emptying specialist, we prefer not to talk about murky waters. The truth is that when we introduce sewage treatment plant maintenance into a conversation, people start to go glassy-eyed and jaws drop to the floor in open-mouthed confusion. Most people in Horsham know what cesspit and septic tank installers do but, when it comes to sewage treatment plants, it’s all a bit of a mystery.

P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd is a sewage treatment plant maintenance specialist for all areas in the South. This is a key service for our personnel, as is cesspit and septic tank emptying, CCTV drain surveys and high-pressure jet washing.

Cesspit emptying has many similarities to emptying a septic tank but servicing and maintaining a sewage treatment plant is a more complex operation. We have traded as cesspit and septic tank installers, and as a tank emptying company, since 1983. We have an established reputation in Horsham, borne from our professional approach to liquid waste management and our continued investment into technology, such as the Scanprobe equipment we use to perform CCTV drain surveys.

This means, when it comes to sewage treatment plant maintenance, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Sewage Treatment Plants | The Facts

So why choose a sewage treatment plant over a cesspit or a septic tank? A sewage treatment plant has its own processing system which treats sewage and wastewater. The effluent, which is cleaner than that produced by a septic tank, discharges into a soakaway, a ditch or the watercourse. Our cesspit and septic tank installers fit the latest Matrix system from Clenviro; a market-leading company.

We can perform CCTV drain surveys at your Horsham property to check the suitability of the soakaway, should you already have one, ahead of recommending a suitable STP installation.

Instead of having to book in for cesspit emptying every 6 weeks, or septic tank emptying every 12 months, anybody with one of these more innovative installations books in for sewage treatment plant maintenance instead. Because an STP has working parts and components, it has to undergo a service like any other item of machinery.

We can offer sewage treatment plant maintenance services, on an annual basis, to customers in Horsham, West Sussex and the South of England.

Sewage Treatment Plants | The Treatment Process

Cesspits do not use a treatment process. They only hold waste, and this is why owners need to book in for cesspit emptying more frequently. Septic tanks use a very basic treatment process but still accumulate solid and suspended waste. This means septic tank emptying intervals are less frequent, but essential, nonetheless.

A sewage treatment plant has a more advanced processing and treatment system.

The system consists of:

Sewage treatment plant maintenance services in Horsham, undertaken by our skilled septic tank installers and technicians, include a check for tripped pumps. This is important because a lack of air can kill the biomass. We also check chemical levels, look for overloads, evaluate the consent levels and service moving parts and components.

In the same way a homeowner should never attempt cesspit emptying or septic tank emptying themselves, only a liquid waste management professional should service or maintain a sewage treatment plant.

If you would like to arrange a survey at your Horsham property to determine suitability for an STP, or if you would like to book in for any of our other services, such as CCTV drain surveys, please contact us on 01483 200336.

We look forward to meeting you and to helping you with your liquid waste management needs.

Call P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd on 01483 200336. We cover Horsham as cesspit and septic tank emptying specialists. Our company also performs CCTV drain surveys.


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