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P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd is a forward-thinking service provider with solutions available across Southern England. We are cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying specialists. Our company has a license to carry wet waste from the Environment Agency. We also undertake sewage treatment plant maintenance work, septic tank repairs, and we perform CCTV drain surveys. Surveys monitor the condition of underground sewage systems for blockages and damage.

We invite customers to read our dedicated Lewes blog post and various user guides. We’re also available to take your calls should you wish to contact us

Sussex is a key service area for P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd, and one that we also cover as STP, cesspit and septic tank installers. We have approval to fit sewage treatment plants for the prestigious Clenviro Matrix brand.

We have a fleet of 12 Whale Tankers. These are advanced machines fitted with jet vacuumation equipment, and the best available for use in our industry. We use our fleet for cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying in Lewes, and for high-pressure jet washing. CCTV drain surveys often uncover blockages. High-pressure jetting is one of the fastest ways to clear drains. The unblocking process causes no damage.

Our tankers even play a role in sewage treatment plant maintenance and the cleaning of internal chambers. More cesspit and septic tank installers than ever before are moving towards jet vacuumation as their preferred method for supporting customers with ongoing emptying services.

Jet Vacuumation | Uses and Applications

There are many different ways to utilise our tankers and their jet vacuumation systems, all of which provide numerous benefits for customers and clients. While many home and business owners use our company for cesspit emptying or septic tank emptying, our tankers can also clear gullies, grease traps and interceptors. If you need to empty a pond or a lake, jet vacuumation works for that too!

With septic tank maintenance, much of the work behind an annual visit involves a service of moving parts and components. Even so, jet vacuumation and high-pressure jet washing play important roles in cleaning sewage treatment plants and clearing them of blockages. Because our cesspit and septic tank installers also have approval to fit the Clenviro Matrix sewage treatment plant, it makes sense we’d also have to use the most innovative equipment for maintenance.

On the subject of clearing blockages, CCTV drain surveys often reveal instances of foreign objects or matter in the pipework. P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd can visit Lewes in a jet vacuumation tanker to clear blockages using high-pressure jet washers. These washers also clean rust and debris from the pipework walls to help clean water run more freely.

Jetting is a faster, more efficient way to clear blocked drains than using traditional rodding systems.

If you would like to know more about our jet vacuumation services and septic tank repairs in Lewes, or if you would like to talk to our cesspit and septic tank installers about your property’s sewage systems, please contact us on our usual number of 01483 200336.

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Call P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd on 01483 200336. We cover Lewes as cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying specialists. Our company also performs CCTV drain surveys.

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