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| Septic Tank Emptying and Aeration

Septic tanks are a common wastewater treatment system used in homes and commercial premises throughout the New Forest and surrounding areas we cover that are not connected to mains sewage systems. They work by separating solid waste from liquid waste and treating the latter with bacteria. Aeration is an important part of the septic tank process as it helps to break down the solid waste and prevent the tank from becoming clogged.

However, our septic tank installers at P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd can help if your tank becomes backed up. We specialise in all relevant services, including septic tank emptying, septic tank repairs, and cesspit emptying. We also carry out CCTV drain surveys and sewage treatment plant maintenance.

How Your Septic Tanks Works

A septic tank is a buried container that is divided into two compartments. Solid waste from the household settles to the bottom of the first tank with the remaining liquid separating into the second tank, where bacteria treat it.

The septic tank's bacteria break down the wastewater's organic matter, producing carbon dioxide and methane gas. The carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, and the methane gas is used to heat the septic tank.

What is Aeration?

This is the process of adding oxygen to the wastewater. This helps speed up the breakdown of organic matter and prevent the tank at your New Forest property from clogging.

Don’t forget, our team at P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd are on hand should this happen. Our septic tank installers can unclog sewage systems effectively, saving you time and stress. Other services include septic tank repairs, septic tank emptying, cesspit emptying, sewage treatment plant maintenance, and CCTV drain surveys. There are two main types of septic tank aeration systems:

Passive Aeration Systems

These use natural processes to add oxygen to the wastewater. The aeration systems typically use a pipe extending from the septic tank to the ground's surface. The air that enters the pipe is then drawn into the septic tank.

Active Aeration Systems

Here, mechanical devices are used to add oxygen to the wastewater. These systems use an air pump to force air into the septic tank.

The Benefits of an Aeration Process

There are several benefits to using aeration in a septic tank:

If you have any queries about your septic tank or would like to discuss the aeration processes available to clients in the New Forest, please call our septic tank installers at P.J. Cole (Southern) Ltd.

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